The Piscataqua Decorative Arts Society is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote original historical research. Its primary focus is the greater Piscataqua region of New Hampshire and Maine, with connecting links to Massachusetts. The Society is based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Our Program for 2023

April 18 – “The Best Ever!” Parades in New England 1788-1940 with Jane Nylander

May 16 –  Mid-Century Modest: The Architecture of Piscataqua in the Mid-20th Century with Peter Michaud

June 6 – Portsmouth Celebrates 400 Years with Elizabeth Farish and Gerald W.R. Ward

September 12 – Tour of the Frost House and Garrisons, Eliot Maine with John Schnitzler

October 17 – The Importance of Staying Within the Lines: The Paint-by-Numbers Craze with Gerald W.R. Ward


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